The Pure Joy of Parenting Muslim Children

Al-humdu lillah, I’ve just become a grandfather!!!!!!!!!! My son and daughter in-law just gave birth to a 5 pound 12 ounce baby boy. The newest addition to the Ahmad Clan is Yaqeen Umar Ibn Laith Ibn Luqman Ibn Abdulkarim Muhammad Ahmad. I have to openly acknowledge the blessings of Allah upon our family, and pray for my son, his wife, my grandson and all of the Ahmad clan, and all of the believers that Allah guide us, keep, us, and make us amongst His grateful and thankful servants. Ameen, Ameen thumma Ameen All of the happiest days of my life have involved events with my children, I have been sooo very blessed with each and every one of them. I pray to Allah that He grants all believers the joy and hapiness that He has given me through my children. It is incredible, beyond what I can explain!!! Laa ilaaha illah Allah!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe sometimes that my Lord has blessed me so. Oh Allah, I aknowledge your blessing upon me and upon my family, and I am grateful, grateful, grateful. Yaa Allah, bear witness……… and send your blessings upon our beloved Prophet that You sent to us out of Your mercy, and upon his family, his companions, his wives and his progeny wa sallam tasleeman katheeran, I am so happy today to be a Muslim!!!!! On this day, every and all debts, or wrongs committed against me, known or unknown are hereby forgiven, bear witness yaaa Rabb, Glory unto you and to You Alone oh Merciful One, for you are the One and Only Allah, Lord of all the worlds. For give us for our sins, and enter us amongst your righteous servants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are in the fourth generation of Islam in our clan and it all began with my parents; my Beloved Mother, may Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala illuminate her grave and raise them both on the Day of Reckoning amongst the Prophets, the Sincerely Steadfast, the Martyrs, and the Righteous, and my father, Sheikh Abdulkarim Muhammad Ahmad, may Allah preserve him, continue to bless him in this world and forgive and have mercy upon them both in the next. wa aakhiru da’waanaa unnal humdu lillahi Rabbil aalameen.

Luqman ibn Abdulkarim Muhammad Ahmad

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