Eight Advices Towards Unity for Muslim Americans in 2011
Establish and strengthen Muslim congregations: “Hold fast to the rope of Allah all together and do not separate” 3:103
Work towards mending rifts and improving relations between Muslim peoples, groups and individuals : Verily the believers are but a single brotherhood, therefore make peace between your brethren” 49:10
Establish brotherhood and sisterhood: “Be ye servants of Allah and brethren”. Collected by Muslim
Make better use of knowledge and scholarship : “Oh Allah I seek refuge in you from knowledge that does not benefit “. (du’aa of the Prophet (SAWS )
Resist sectararianism : “And be ye not like those who separated themselves and differed after clear explanations came to them” 3:105
Focus on ourselves and spend more time and effort in practicing our faith instead of defending it and trying to win the approval of others: “O you who believe, take care of your own souls; he who is astray cannot harm you if you are upon guidance” 5:105.
Keep our faith simple and concentrate on the basics: “Religion is easy, and no one is religion made difficult on them except that it will overpower them”. collected by Bukhaari.
Learn our scriptures, emphasize the word of Allah and His Messenger (SAWS) over the word of anyone else : “But be ye devout worshippers by virtue of what you are teaching of the Book and by virtue of what you study” 3:79

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