New Book Release! The Devil’s Deception of the Modern-Day Salafiyyah Sect, by Imam Luqman Ahmad

salafi book cover amazonThe modern-day Salafiyyah, or Salafiyyism, or the Da’wah Salafiyyah has done much to highlight the Sunna of the prophet (SAWS), and its importance. However, in the process of spreading the new ideology of, “The modern-day Salafiyyah, many of its proponents have perhaps unintentionally made casualties out of the very persons for whom the so-called “da’wah Salafiyyah” was intended.

Excerpts: “For many practicing Muslims, Salafiyyah is a bitter dose of questionable medicine. No one committed to this religion rejects the Salaf as-Saalih or the principles on which they agreed. However, the Salafis and their modern-day da’wah do not suit the tastes of all the righteous. Too much of their methodology revolves around character assassination, claims of monopoly on Allah’s guidance, a fanatical obsession with uncovering the faults of the Muslim”.

Another Excerpt: [Salafiyyism as presented by its modern-day adherents is not a simple methodology; it is a myriad of ideals, slogans and tendencies which burdens the average Muslim with understanding complex issues of theology, jurisprudence, exegesis, hadith methodology, language etc. It effectively abrogates the simplicity of tawheed and gradual assimilation of the Quran and Sunna, and replaces it with unreasonable demands of immediate perfection] -Imam Luqman Ahmad.

[Taken from the new book from Lotus Tree Publications; ‘The Devil’s Deception of the Modern-Day Salafi Sect’ by Imam Luqman Ahmad] available now @ Get your copy of this important and pertinent book today!
Go to to order your copy. Or you can get it at

10 responses to “New Book Release! The Devil’s Deception of the Modern-Day Salafiyyah Sect, by Imam Luqman Ahmad”

  1. as-salaamu alaikum

    do you have this in pdf format?


    1. Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah, no, it is available in a paperback book on and in about a week it will be available on and also in a Kindle edition.


    2. In fact, it’s also available on now as well. The Kindle version probably won’t available until next week.


  2. Will it be available for NOOK?


    1. In sha Allah, the Kindle version will be available on February 21st. We are still working on the Nook version


  3. If it’s of importance for you to get people to understand you then why are you selling this material shouldn’t you be making it available for free? Now looks like you are trying to make some money too. reflect upon that


    1. Jazaaka Allahu khairan. Of the millions upon millions of dollars made off the back of African American Muslims from a deluge of salafi books, tapes, cds, clothing, gloves, language programs, and conferences. You’re chiding me about selling my book! Give me a break brother! Maybe your sentiment would be more appropriate if it was leveled at Salafi Publications, or one of the dozens of writers and publishing houses from abroad who have marketed tons of Salafi material, with great profit I might add, to our youth here in America. There’s a chapter in my book about this type of mindset. Allah yubaarik feek.


  4. Where can a get a copy of this book.


    1. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. The book is available on, or on


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