An Open Message to Al-Shabaab; Change your name from al-Shabaab to al-Shayaateen, by Shaykh Luqman Ahmad

Serpent and the appleThe criminal insanity of your al-Shabaab youth that stormed the mall in Kenya and killed 64 innocent people and counting, represents the height of moral depravity. It is ironic that you were asking people if they were Muslim or not and then letting the Muslims go, while killing the non-Muslims, when in reality, you are the ones whose religion and adherence to Islam needs to be questioned. What you fail to realize is that murder is murder, and that those of you who sanction and engage in wanton murder are thugs, murderers and criminals of the worst kind. Even though you claim to represent Islam, You epitomize some of the worst examples of errant Muslim behavior. My suggestion is that in the interest of clarity, you should change the name of your group from al-Shabaab to al-Shayaateen (the demons). By the way, in your rage, you ended up killing a lot of Muslims as well.

I’m completely perplexed at how you go out and violate something that Allah Himself holds so sacred, which is innocent life, and then have the audacity to say that you are doing it in the name of Islam! Nor take life – which Allah has made sacred – except for just cause. And if anyone is slain wrongfully, we have given his heir authority (to demand qisas or to forgive): but let him nor exceed bounds in the matter of taking life; for he is helped (by the Law).” 17:33. You swear by Allah that you are fighting for Allah and defending Allah. Well I got news for you al-Shabaab, oops! I mean al-Shayaateen; you definitely are not fighting for Allah because Allah prohibited you from violating the sanctity of innocent life, and by the way, Allah needs no defending because He can defend Himself. So thanks but no thanks.

When you go into a mall and shoot people who have done nothing to you, said nothing to you, and weren’t even thinking about you, and then say that you are working for Allah, whom Muslims and even yourselves consider to be Lord of the worlds, then you really should consider qualification of your own teachers; the ones you are taking your information from. Do you young brothers honestly believe that after you massacred innocent women and children while they were shopping in a mall, that Allah will come to you on the Day of Judgment and say; well-done lads? I don’t think so, and if you do, it goes to show how much you don’t know about the Lord that you say you worship and claim to hold dear. If memory serves me correctly, you are the same guys that burn down schools that teach girls and shoot up people’s homes because they watch the world cup on television?

Since you guys say that you are so brave and so bold, and say that you are interested in the truth, why don’t you simply say who it is you are really working for; that you are working for none other than Iblis (the devil) himself. Why don’t you go ahead and rename your group “as-Shayaateen”, since it seems beyond a shadow of a doubt at this point that your real inspiration is coming from the demons that have descended upon you. When people decide that they should slaughter anyone who disagrees with them or anyone who in their view does not subscribe to their version of Islam, they have fallen down a very dark hole that will likely end in the hell-fire. Once you go down that hole, it is very hard to come out. However, Allah is Merciful, and He does accept repentance. I advise you all to repent, to reform your ways, and to begin to make amends for your actions. In the meantime, you should know that what you did in Nairobi was a crime against the Almighty Allah be He Exalted and Glorified, and that He is well aware of what you have done. Be assured that He will extract from you His Divine Justice; in this life or the next.

Do you honestly believe that our Prophet (SAWS) would have sanctioned your violent assault upon a shopping mall where people were out with their children and families?  Well consider this hadith: “Whoever killed Muaahadan (a term used in Islamic state to refer to non-Muslim citizens), will not smell Paradise. And its scent can be smelled from a distance of 40 years (a term in Arabic means far distance). (Narrated by Al-Nasaie) If any of you are believe or are saying that our Lord, be He Exalted and Glorified, far above what you ascribe to Him, or our Beloved Prophet (SAWS) sanctions wanton murder of innocent people, then you should be aware that you have already left the religion of Islam. Adieus

Imam Luqman Ahmad

Shaykh Luqman Ahmad is an American born Imam, and the Imam of Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Center in Sacramento California. He can be reached at He is also the author of the book: “The Devils Deception of the Modern Day Salafi Sect”, available at and


6 responses to “An Open Message to Al-Shabaab; Change your name from al-Shabaab to al-Shayaateen, by Shaykh Luqman Ahmad”

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    Salaam, Thank you for speaking out so clearly. This is an important article that needs to be shared widely. I have just posted on The American Muslim and will also tweet the article and post on Facebook. May God bless you for all you do for our community. Sheila Musaji, Editor The American Muslim _www.theamericanmuslim.org_ (


  2. W Saleem Thompkins Avatar
    W Saleem Thompkins

    You are so spot on shaykh. I call on Allah the Exalted to make clear the separation of his straight path from what these deviants are promoting. Don’t forget also the mass killing of the Christians in Pakistan this weekend. We live in a time where many are seeking answers and these demons occlude those answers by such despicable acts. This is not Islam, this is murder prompted by the politics of a deviant sect. May Allah destroy what they represent. Ameen!


  3. The list of criminals who use the name of Islam to justify heinous crimes is, unfortunately, extremely long. We, Muslims, have a duty to ourselves and our religion to speak up and ensure that Islamists are note confused for Muslims. We need to speak up.


  4. wel done sheikh luqman i was one of those who were saying we have to speak up loudly and unite against the devil act of those shayaatiin , i know there are muslim who also confused what is going on , so please to all muslims let educate our children about islam .


  5. hey…u are the one who is misleading islam…where were you when children,women and elders were killed in somalia….where were you…where were you…..ALLAH Says Q.2:194….”The sacred month is for the sacred month, and for the prohibition things, there is LAW of Equality (Qisas). Then whoever transgresses the prohibition against you, you transgress likewise against him. And Fear ALLAH, and know that ALLAH is with Al-Muttaqun.”
    And remember Mujahideen did not kill children nor Muslims…but the Kuffar are the ones who shoot out aimless.continue spoiling the name and picture of Mujahideen..ALLAH is watching you.


    1. I doubt that the men women and children who were hunted down and killed in the mall in Kenya were the same ones whom you say killed women, children and elders in Somalia. Indiscriminate slaughter of innocent people is not what Allah intended by the verses you mentioned. Killing innocent people is a violation of sacred law whether it is an elderly Somali woman in Mogadishu , or an infant in Nairobi.


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