Du’aa (Invocation) for Global Change – Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

Du'aaIt breaks my heart that as Muslims we bear witness to so much killing, injustice, destruction of lives, unconscionable atrocities committed against Muslim and non-Muslim peoples, and yet, as we call upon the created to save us, to help, us, to give us dignity, to give us justice, we seem to forget that we have a Lord, that we must turn to, and answer to, and who we all shall find ourselves standing before Him. Allah is the Living, The Self-Subsisting, He is never overtaken by sleep or slumber, and He must be called upon in times of need. If any of us think that we do not need Him, then surely we do not know Him

The atrocities mount, the injustices, prejudices, continue by us, and against us. The annihilation and murderous rampage in Syria, and Iraq is just the latest in a long list of human savagery against its own kind. It’s time to call upon Allah sub’haanahu wa ta’ala

There is no solution to our problems, without Allah be He Exalted and Glorified

I believe that the many problems facing the Muslim world, is beyond us. I believe that the fitna that sweeps across many continents, is outside of our power to solve. I believe that the modern day dilemma of the Muslims, requires divine intervention by The One who never sleeps, Who hears every prayer, Who keeps every promise, Who is Just, and commands justice and who has power over all things.

It is the way of Prophets (AS) that in times of urgency, they call upon Allah; that they acknowledge their wrongs, and turn to Him. Starting with the Prophet Adam and his wife; “Oh our Lord, surely we have wronged our own souls and if you do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, then surely we shall be amongst the losers.“1

Think beloveds, how the Prophet Jonah; “And he cried out in the darkness, there is no God but thee, glory to Thee, surely I have been among the wrong doers.”2 Thus Allah said of him; “And had he not been of those who glorify (Me) he would have dwelt in his belly until the day that they are resurrected.”3

And remember beloveds how our Lord heard the cry of the pleading woman from above seven heavens: “Verily Allah has heard the word of the woman who argued with you regarding her husband and she complained to Allah, and Allah heard your discourse, surely Allah is the All Hearing and All Seeing.“4 Let us remind ourselves how the Prophet Zakariyya , called upon His Lord and asked for a son in old age: “Oh Lord grant me from you a righteous progeny, verily You hear prayers; and the angels called him while he was praying in his niche (saying) verily Allah gives you glad tiding of Yahya as a confirmation and a word from Allah.”5 Our beloved Prophet (SAWS)

I am ashamed to my Lord that we seem to be asking for everyone’s help, when we have a Lord who merely has to say “be” and it becomes a reality. I am suggesting that we suspend all appeals for a moment, and appeal to the One Who hears all prayers, Who knows all events and Who has complete control over all things.

Therefore dear Muslims, I suggest that for a moment, that instead of press conferences, boycotts, pleas for sympathy, demands for justice, cries for help, and petitions for dignity, we should turn our attention to Allah . I am confident that if we show Allah that we are willing to change, that we put our trust in Him, and turn collectively, to Him for help, He will help us. If we demonstrate to Allah that we are patient with adversity, that we call on Him in times of need, that we look to Him for dignity, for respite, for protection, then surely our Lord is a Good Lord; He will send glad tidings upon us. “So give tidings to the patient, those who when affliction befalls them they say; Surely we are from Allah and surely to him we shall return, upon such are the salawaat from their Lord and such are those who are rightly guided.” I swear by Allah, in whose hand is my soul, I am confident that if we as a global Muslim community, call upon Allah sub’haanahu wa ta’ala, He will answer our prayers. I’m not naïve, I know that the divine, and irresistible will of Allah is that He will do and allow whatever He wishes. However, this I an certain about Allah; that He Loves those who purify themselves, and repent to him.

Verily, Allah loves those who repent and those who purify themselves.” [Al-Qur’an 2:222]

Thus, I am advising myself first, and all believers across the earth that we all repent to Him, and instead of collecting signatures, we collect trash from the street, sandwiches for the needy, money for the children in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Darfur, Watts, Harlem, and the ghettoes of Europe, Africa and Asia. Instead of political discourse during our Jum’ah prayers should we talk about Allah. We should glorify His Holy name, we should praise Him, call upon Him, pray together and beg Him for mercy, for forgiveness, for change. I advise, starting with myself that we stop for a moment, and look at ourselves, correct our own wrongs, rectify our own souls, and humble ourselves before the Lord be He Exalted and Magnificent, then Surely Allah hears those who praise Him. We are at a defining moment in our history, and the history of mankind upon this planet, and the time to turn to Allah is now.

Has not the Time arrived for the Believers that their hearts in all humility should engage in the remembrance of Allah and of the Truth which has been revealed (to them), and that they should not become like those to whom was given Revelation aforetime, but long ages passed over them and their hearts grew hard? For many among them are rebellious transgressors”.{57:16}

I was inspired to write the following supplication, and I am confident that if millions of us around the world, say this or something similar to it, with sincerity, we shall see a change in our condition very shortly. We have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Wa Allahu Must’taaan, a bihi tawfiq. اللهم أشهد

Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

Quranic Notes:

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  2. 21:87 al-Anbiyaa
  3. 37:144 As-Saaffaat
  4. 58:1 al-Mujaadila
  5. 3:37-38 al-Imraan



Yaa Allah, we bear witness that there is no God except You and that Muhammad is your Messenger,

Yaa Allah, I have wronged my own soul and I beg for your forgiveness,

Yaa Allah, we the Muslims have wronged ourselves and if You do not forgive us and have mercy on us, then surely we shall be of the lost.

Yaa Allah, we believe in You, and in Your Book that you have sent, and in Your Prophet that you have dispatched to mankind,

Yaa Allah we bear witness that we are all paupers compared to you and that You are without need.

Yaa Allah, we bear witness that there is no mercy except Your mercy, and there is none more Merciful than You

Yaa Allah, we bear witness that there is no safety except that which You grant, that there is no refuge except that which You give.

Yaa Allah, we bear witness that there is no humanitarian aid except that it comes from Your khazaa’in (storehouses), send sustenance to our hungry for you are Khairul Raaziqeen (The Best Sustainer).

Yaa Allah we bear witness that no one has power greater than Your power,

Yaa Allah, we bear witness than none is to be feared except You, yaa Rabbanaa, free us of our fear.

Yaa Allah we reject the tyrants and believe in you; for You are the Just, and You command justice, send justice to those who suffer injustice. .

Yaa Allah, we bear witness that no one holds our future in their hand except You, we entrust our affair to You, oh Wisest of the Wise, free us from our dependence except upon you.

Yaa Arrahmaan You are the Guardian of those who believe, guard us,

Yaa Haadi, You are the Guide and without You there is no guidance, guide us,

Yaa Allah, make us so that we do not ask except of You.

Yaa Allah, it is You that hears every cry, make us so we do not beg except from You.

Yaa Allah make us so that we do not seek to be loved, except by those whom you love, and show us the path to Your love.

Yaa Muqallib al-Quloob, turn our hearts to You, and make our faith firm in Your Word and in Your promise for surely Oh Beneficent One, You do not break Your promise. Free our hearts of illness, free us of our arrogance, free us of our haughtiness, free us of our blindness, free us of our worry, free us of our hate of one another for You are the One Who comes between a person and their own heart

Soften our hearts with your remembrance, make us so that we shall not be stingy, free us of greed, free us of consumerism, free us of our addiction to the marketplaces, free us of our attachment to this world. Save us from ourselves, and from the whispers of Satan

Yaa Allah, make us so that we do not seek to be accepted by anyone except You, and so we do not seek honor except from You, and that we do not seek approval except from You

Yaa Allah, make us so that we see Your signs and believe in them, and make us not of those who turn a blind eye to Your signs. O Lord of all that exists, make us not of the neglectful

Yaa Allah, we bear witness that there is no life except that which You granted, and that no soul is taken except that You send for it, no disease except that You have sent down a cure for it, no adversary except that You can repel it

Yaa Allah, You are the King of the Dominion, You give of it to whomever You please, You take it from whomever You please, You exalt whomever You please and You humble whoever You please, in Your Hand is all good, and You have power over all things.

Yaa Allah, we bear witness that there is no glory except Your Glory, that there is no healing except Your Healing, heal us yaa Rabb, heal our hearts, heal our communities, heal our wickedness, heal our dependence on other than You, Glorious and forever Exalted be Thy Name.

Yaa Allah, You are the Lord of the East and the West, and you are the Lord of the North, and the South, andthere is not a speck of dust that floats in the air, except that You have full knowledge of it, for thou art the Knower of the seen and the unseen.

Yaa Allah, you are the Lord of the righteous and the wicked, you are the Lord of the weak, and the Lord of the strong, you are the Lord of the healthy and of the feeble, and even those who do not know You, You are still their Lord.

Yaa Allah, you are the Lord of the Arabs and the Jews,

Yaa Allah, you are the lord of the Palestinians, and you are the Lord of Israelis,

Yaa Allah, You are the Lord of the Iraqis, you are the Lord of the Iranians, You are the lord of the Kurds, you are the Lord in turkey, You are the Lord in Jordan, you are the Lord in England, You are the Lord of the Scots, You are the Lord of the Mexicans, You are the Lord.

Yaa Allah, You are the Lord of the Sunnis, you are the Lord of the Shiites, you are the Lord of the Christians, and You are the Lord of the Jews, O Master of the creation, there is no place in the galaxies except that You are the Lord, and your throne is above all.

Yaa Allah, you are the Lord of the Canadians, you are the Lord of the Americans, you are the Lord of the French, and You are the Lord of South Africa,

Yaa Allah, You are the Lord of Malaysia, You are the Lord of India, You are the Lord of Pakistan, you are the Lord of Chechnya,.

Yaa Allah, You are the Lord of Bosnia, You are the Lord of the Philippines, You are the Lord of the deserts, and you are Lord of the oceans

Yaa Allah, you are the Lord of Darfur, You are the Lord of New Orleans, You are the Lord of Indonesia, and You are the Lord of Afghanistan,

Yaa Allah, there is no creature in this universe except that You are their Lord and Master and to this we bear witness,

Yaa Rabbil Aalameen. Send relief to those who are suffering, send food to those who are hungry, send security to those who live in fear, send shelter to those who must sleep outside, send clothes to those who are naked, send heat to those who are cold, and send light to those who are in darkness. .

Yaa Allah, there is no man or woman who walks, crawls, rides, or flies upon this earth except that they will come before You on the Day of Judgment, and You will judge them in truth.

Yaa Allah, change the hearts of those who kill the helpless, of those who persecute the blameless, and of those who imprison the innocent.

Yaa Muntaqim, if you avenge the innocent, then You are the Lord of the innocent, if You punish the wicked, then surely they are Your servants, and if You forgive them for surely you are the Forgiving and the Merciful

Yaa Mutakabbir, rid me of my arrogance, rid us of our arrogance, for the arrogant shall not be granted entry into Your Garden

Yaa Jabbaar, humble the tyrants of the earth, teach those who have power not to abuse the power that You have given them. Show those who wear badges and carry guns that they need not gun don the innocent, and give those who stand for justice from amongst them the courage to stand up against the unjust.

Yaa Malikul Mulk, you are the King of Kings, you give Your Kingdom to whomever you please, and You take it away from whomever You please, and You exalt whom You please, and you belittle whom you please and it is You who has power over all things.

Yaa Allah, it is You who turns the night into day and it is You who turns the day into night and it is You who takes life from the dead and it is You who take death from the living and you sustain whomever You please without measure.

Yaa Allah, the sun and the moon is under Your command, the wind and the rain move by your decree, and the heat of the sun compares naught to the heat of the hell fire.

Yaa Rabb, save us from the torments of hell, from the pain of death and from the punishment of the grave

Yaa Allah, make us not a trial for those who do not believe in you and forgive us for our sins, verily You are the Knower and the Wise

Yaa Allah, join the hearts of the believers for if we spend everything that was on the earth, held a thousand conferences, and uttered a thousand slogans, it would not join our heart, but is You and only You, who joins hearts

Yaa Allah resurrect us as brethren in faith, upon pillars of light on the day when neither money nor our children will benefit us naught, except he who comes to You with a clean heart.

Yaa Allah, our condition is bleak, we have disobeyed Your commands, we benefit from usury and withhold charity, we live in luxury and desert your houses of worship, we emulate the arrogant and despise the poor.

Ya Allah, We have been fooled into believing that we can change our condition without changing ourselves. Forgive us for our foolishness, and show us the right way

Yall Allah, guide our scholars, and blind the tyrants, for whoever is blind in this world, he shall also be blind in the next world.

Yaa Allah, we have acknowledged our wrongs, we have repented for our actions and we have learned that it is you we must ask for help in our time of need, for surely You are the Hearer of all supplication.

Help us oh Lord of the worlds, guide us in our time of ignorance, and shower Your mercy upon the victims of unwarranted bloodshed for none despairs of Your Mercy except those who have gone astray.

Yaa Allah, disable the bombs of tyranny, the weapons of wickedness, and the car bombs that don’t care, we seek refuge in you from the punishment of the grave, from the punishment of hell, from the trials of life and death, and from the trials of the Anti-Christ.

Yaa Allah, when thy servants ask us about You, we shall say that you are close, that You answer the call of the caller when he calls upon You, and we shall seek you, and we shall believe in You, that perhaps You will guide us aright.

Yaa Allah, extend Your peace and Your blessings to Your last Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah, the truthful one, and to his family, as You have extended such to Your Prophet Ibrahim and the family of Ibrahim. For amongst the entire universe, You are the Praiseworthy and the Majestic.

Yaa Allah, let this du’aa reach You with haste, and make it a testimony for me on the Day when my possessions, my children, and all of my family will not benefit me, except that I come to you with a clean heart. O Allah, I acknowledge before You my wrongdoing, and my need for Your forgiveness you’re your mercy. Always your humble, needy servant, Abu Laith Luqman ibn Abdulkarim Muhammad Ahmad

And our last cry shall be Praise to Allah, Lord of all the worlds

وآخر دعوانا أن الحمد لله رب العالمين

Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad is an Associate Imam and Resident Scholar at the Toledo Masjid al-Islam in Toledo, Ohio. You can reach him at imamabulaith@yahoo.com.


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