New Groundbreaking Book! Double Edged Slavery, by Imam Luqman Ahmad

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-9-51-18-pmNEW BOOK RELEASE: DOUBLE EDGED SLAVERY! For the last forty years, the American Muslim convert community seen it’s share of ups and downs, and has been literally going around in circles. People have been converting to Islam in the United States for decades, but where have all the converts gone? Where are their children? Why don’t we don’t see more second, third, fourth and fifth generation Muslims descending from the convert community? Why is it that the American Muslim convert community seem like a second class colonized population under the greater American Muslim community? What’s happening to our ummah?

  • Why are we afraid to talk about racism within our faith practice when we know it exists?
  • Ever wonder why as Muslims argue so much amongst ourselves? 
  • Why are we reluctant to talk about the two Muslim Americas and the growing chasm between indigenous American Muslims who are mostly African American, and largely forgotten, and the larger Muslim American community? 
  • Do you ever wonder why so many indigenous American Muslim converts complain of feeling rejected by the greater Muslim community?
  • Ever wonder; what’s wrong? What’s the problem? Where is the disconnect? What is the source of our moral dysfunction? 

So many questions, with so few answers. UNTIL NOW!!

My new  book “Double Edged Slavery” answers these questions for you and more in clear, plain English without any sugar coating, without being politically correct, and without insulting your intelligence. It is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the why and the how of some of the underlying causes of moral dysfunction in Muslim America. 

This groundbreaking book is based on forty years of direct observation, hundreds of interviews, dozens upon dozens of testimonials, many found right here on my blog posts, and painstaking examination and analysis of our condition as Muslim Americans. Open any part of the book  and and you will be immediately enthralled and will find that many things you wanted to say, are said for you. Many of the questions people have been asking for years, are answered right here in this brazenly honest and detailed book about Muslim America!

Imam Luqman Ahmad 


2 responses to “New Groundbreaking Book! Double Edged Slavery, by Imam Luqman Ahmad”

  1. Bashiir Abdulmumin Avatar
    Bashiir Abdulmumin

    Assalamu Alaykum Imam Luqman,
    I’m reading your new book and All praises due to Allah it’s giving voice to what I have felt for years. I went to Egypt back in 05 and all my ideas about the Muslim world changed. I actually began to see people in their natural environment. What I found was that what made the people great was Islam. I realized me being black, being Muslim was significant by the Qadr of Allah. You take away Islam from all the so called people of the Muslim world and what you find is people being niggardly. 2nd I found that even they the Arabs, North Africans had to learn the Quran, just because their tongue is Arabic, the Quran is Allah’s word. 3rd Islam is Allah’s religion and he guides whom he pleases.

    Bashiir Abdulmumin, Seattle WA


    1. Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Jazaaka Allahu khairan for your comments. Al-humdu lillaah! Yes, our ummah has a long way to go. I’m glad the book resonated with you and your experiences. I’d appreciate it if you would post a comment on, and please keep us in your du’aa.


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