If the Prophet’s companions were alive today, how would we view them? By Imam Luqman Ahmad

The companions of the Prophet Muhammad are considered by the majority of Muslim scholars to be the best generation of Muslims who ever lived. This is based upon the hadith;; “The best generation of my umma is my generation“. It’s not that every single one of them are better than every single person that would come after them; that is not what is meant by the hadith. What’s meant is that as a group, as a generation of people, they were the best generation.

If the companions of the Prophet ص were alive today, we would be calling them out all over social media. Some imam sitting in a high rise apartment somewhere would probably be saying; brothers need to check them companion dudes.

Umar ibn Al-Khattab would be blasted for having anger issues, having a big stomach, being dismissive to any opinion that contradict the words of the Messenger, and we’d call him a bully. Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq would be excoriated for marrying his young daughter to his best friend. Ali ibn Abi Taalib would get arrested for making terroristic threats for threatening to cut a womans head off, and for gangsterism. Hasan ibn Ali, the grandson of Rasoolillaah ص who was married 20 times would be a predator and called a failure in marriage, and so would Abdul-rahman ibn Auf who was married 16 times. Although he was amongst the ten companions of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم who was promised paradise.

, and Mugheera ibn Shu’ba would be called a sexual predator for marrying 70 times!

Abu Tharr would be called stupid for going down to the Kaaba a second time and provoking the Mushrikeen after they beat him up the first time. We would call him crazy for wanting to go a third time.

Abbas, the Prophet’s uncle would be called an unbeliever for giving zam zam water to mushriks while they worshipped idols at the haram Sharif. Khadija the wife of the Prophet ص would be called a fool for marrying the Prophet although he was broke. Then yall would call as-haabu sufaa bums for sleeping in the Masjid eating from handouts and not going out getting jobs. There was about 90 of them.

If the companions of the Prophet were alive, feminists would would be warning our women not to be like the mothers of the believers, who all forfeited their pensions in the cause of the widow and the poor. Ummi Khadija the Mother of the believers used to pay the dowries of poor young women, some who weren’t Muslim, so they could marry respectfully. I’m not even going to imagine the flack she would receive from some of our folks.

The companions of al-Mustapha would not tolerated non-Muslims brazenly going after our women, or women predators going after them. And I don’t think they would base their manhood of what women tell them it is. And cannot picture any of the Sahaba of Rasoolillaah صلى الله عليه وسلم, while between battles defending the Muslims, would stop and listen to someone tell them who what and how many wives you think they can have. I can’t see it.

They would never, tolerate that the majority of their women are single mothers with children. There wouldn’t be Muslim women, scholars, or Imams discouraging them from polygamy, while single mother households were the majority of their population.

Yall would have an issue with the Prophet not respecting all religions, and not doing the candlelight vigils, or interfaith engagement.

Mu’aawiya Ibn Sufyaan, who later became Calif, would be laughed at for still living with mom and pop at 28 years old.

Abdullahi ibn Mas’ood would be called arrogant for saying he knew more about as’baabu nuzool than all the rest of the companions.

Then yall would be encouraging Aisha and Hafsa to get remarried cause they was young and had their whole life ahead of them. Brothers would be fighting over Zaynab al-Makhzoomiyya. Some of you would be trying to liberate the woman sahaabiyaat from their controlling husbands, start a me too movement just for them, and pressure most of them to get khulaas, and emrace feminism, and wait for the men of their dreams.

The companions of the Prophet would be called insecure for not wanting their wives to go out uncovered, or wanting to know their whereabouts, The masculinity of the men who rolled with the Last Messenger of God, and who were the best generation of our ummah, would be considered toxic in our so called enlightened time. Allah was pleased with them. Many of us would probably loath their presence. The companion that we would probably embrace the most is Hassaan ibn Thaabit, he was a poet, an admitted coward, and would stay back with the women during battle. He’d probably get a record deal.

Interestingly enough, the people who I believe would be most likely to embrace the companions of the Prophet today would be poor, uneducated Black men and women. They are the most similar to them. You may not agree. Ask yourself.r

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