Gender Wars, Feminist Thought, and the Attack on Muslim Marriage. Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad


Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

In the religion of Islam, both genders are accountable to Allah. When we publicly bash Muslim men’s bad behavior and exclude the women, we do the women, ourselves, and our religion itself, a great disservice. Don’t believe anyone’s story until you hear both sides. The gender wars, at it’s core, is compliant with heresy. The first one recorded to have bashed man to our knowledge, was Iblis (Satan).

Now you even have some so-called enlightened Muslims saying that the our Prophet (SAWS) was a feminist. People really need to get a grip. The Prophet (SAWS) was a Muslim, who followed the millat (way) of Ibrahim, who was haneef. Modern-day feminism is a failed ideology for Muslim women, or men. It was and is a Trojan horse that nearly single-handedly re-wrote our moral psychology about marriage and family.

Shaitaan/Satan has found a new home amongst Muslims. Radical feminism is now one of the most socially and spiritually lethal internal threats we have in our domestic ummah. Radical feminism is the vanguard of the LGBTQ movement and it has surreptitiously found it’s way into modern Muslim domestic dialogue and intellectual underpinning. It is anti-male, anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-shariah, anti-scripture, and anti-polygamy, all at the same time. We respect our women, and quite frankly, modern-day feminism is beneath them.

I don’t mind saying what others think and know to be true, but are afraid to say. When they injected predatory feminism into the Black Muslim woman moral consciousness, it knocked about 60% (my guestimate) of them off their square. Many Muslim women went for the bait and never quite recovered. Some even went to bat for the other side and fell into lesbianism.

Feminists came into the Muslim community pretending to be saviors for women but were predators in disguise, and many of them were lesbians. And as we started to kick them out (ideologically) they just abandoned the Muslim woman. Left them worse off than ever before. Many sisters are still jacked up trying to fuse hard-core feminist ideology with Islam.

Feminists as a rule will not argue with Kitaabillah or with the Sunna in an open ideological field because it exposes their kufr and they would immediately lose adherents from amongst Muslim women who believe, so they merely pressed on with the insidious and nonsensical gender war where either gender wins. If I’ve offended any hard-core feminists creeping around in Islam, that’s not my intention, but know that there will be no apology forthcoming. None at all. Some of us have gotten so soft that a person who speaks the truth is considered a bully. Mass punkassism.

Anytime shaitaan finds a home within an ideology, he runs with it. On the issue of feminism, we have to side with the Lord and our scriptures,. Nothing personal. .The feminist ideological onslaught on the Black American Muslim population was specifically engineered to corrupt and destroy the Muslim family, to fan the flames of the gender wars, and to corrupt our concept of marriage. This occurred on multiple levels. It didn’t happen overnight; it was a slow surreptitious incursion that caught a lot of us off guard. One door-way was in the guise of saving Black Muslim women from their men, who were labeled oppressive, misogynist, controlling, deadbeats, stingy and generally unworthy.

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The gender wars between Muslim men and Muslim women was designed to get our women to openly complain about men, not just their men, but all Muslim men; to demean them, declare them unworthy and useless, to be openly hostile towards them, and to exhibit so much disdain, hatred and disgust with men that no sane man would marry them even if he were the best or most desperate of men. Also, so that more and more Muslim women would start to look at women, even non-Muslims for mates and partners. It goes without saying that if you hate men, find them unworthy, hate marriage or at least dislike it, then what’s next?

Excessive anti-man sentiment and a basic cynicism towards marriage, has left many of our women unmarriageable or at least undesirable for marriage. I’m not against women, I’m for them, and incidentally I’m for our men. However, I’m just explaining how I believe that many Muslim women (and men) have been tricked. And if you don’t think that Iblis is in the business of tricking people, then you have already become a casualty of his trickery.

Allah is the ally of the believer, He takes him or her out of the darkness’ss and puts them in the light of guidance. When we make up new laws, conditions, norms, rights and paradigms for marriage that were not already there, or not ordained by Allah, or His Prophet (SAWS), or remove ones that Allah placed there from the start, we effectively turn marriage into Iblis’s or someone else’s test tube creation and not the noble institution that Allah made it from the beginning. We effectively subvert our moral psychology regarding marriage without even realIzing it. This is one of the by products of dajjalism.

We literally twist the concept of marriage, and infuse it with jaahiliyyah and or dajjaali thinking, thereby weakening it, and then wonder why all the confusion, turmoil and chaos. The answer is right in front of us. “corruption has appeared on land and sea by what people have wrought with their own hands. To give the a tasted of some of what they have done, so perhaps they may return (to Allah). 30:31 87. The Book of Allah is clear on this for those wanting the truth.  Now is the time to return to Allah in all of our affairs.

Look, the gender wars, the attack on marriage, the attack on polygamy, and the mass demonization of Muslim men constitutes one of Shaitaan’s greatest  and most successful recent incursions into our religion, our aqeeda (creed) and one of the foundations of stability in our ummah (the family), He chose to go primarily through the women because we were at a point where, because since many women were victims of abuse, mistreatment, and neglect, they, as a group were nearly all labeled victims and survivors and  became totally exempt from any moral accountability, recrimination, or even our religious laws. As victims, they were given a pass by Iblis (Satan). They were victims, they needed support, it’s the mans fault, and that was and still remains the popular (yet tired) narrative. 

Most of us were caught nearly completely off guard. Brothers, sisters and even Imams were blindsided and paralyzed and didn’t see it coming. Many of our men, (Imams included) felt compelled to go with the trend to maintain popularity, and not be accused of being anti-woman. As a chess player (haven’t played in years), it was a masterful strategy on the part of Iblis. He simply played on our ignorance of our own laws, and second guessing or straight out rejection of our own scripture. Worship, forgiveness and reconciliation were all discouraged, even till this day.

The problem was that  after promising our women that the feminist agenda would save them from their men, (us) and that quite frankly, they don’t need men anymore, Shaitaan abandoned them, and our women are no better off than they were before the gender wars and the anti-man agenda. Hardly no one save a few, was watching our ideological borders, so pretty much, any new trend, thought or ideology can be pumped in our dialogue and political correctness and heedlessness of our scriptures prevents any defense.

Nevertheless, I’ve been monitoring the situation to the best of my ability, and what preceded are some of my findings, and Allah knows best.   And no, I don’t subscribe to political correctness and don’t mind being laughed at, or going against the grain. Pay attention beloveds, we will be witnessing fitna after fitna after fitna. It will fall upon us like a string of pearls. This is not the time to be heedless of the Word of Allah. This is not the time to continue the gender wars. This is not the time to reject scripture. This is not the time for Muslim men and women to be enemies of one another. It is during these times that we turn to Allah in repentance, that we follow His word, the we adhere to the congregation, that we be aware of His signs, that we hold to the Book and to the sunnah.

Note: Al-humdu lillaah with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, feminism and anti-male rhetoric has taken a back seat in our domestic dialogue. It’s clear that it has nothing to offer us at this juncture. In sha Allah, this article will help put the nail in the coffin.

I stand for Allah, and what He revealed. He is my Wakeel. Bear witness. Nothing personal. Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad support @ Cash app: $abulaith2

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