Twenty-one New Brands of Islam, by Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

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We’re getting so many new brands of Islam it’s hard to keep up. These sub-strains of the original Islam of the Prophet (SAWS) and of the early Muslims (Salaf) is what is believed to be Islam for many people in our current age. So here’s a partial list to help you stay current. So far my count is in the thirties. Imam Luqman Ahmad

1. Spectator Islam: Just watch, do nothing. No covenant, no commitment

2. Gay and Lesbian Islam: (Speaks for Itself)

3. No hadith Islam: Quran but no hadith

4. No Quran Islam: No Quran, no hadith

5. Christian/Muslim Islam: Lil bit of this, lil bit of that. Jingle bell Muslim.

6. Non-Sharia Islam: Muslim, but no laws. Wild wild west Muslim.

7. Show off Islam: I only do deen to be seen

8. Ice cream sundae Islam: If it’s hard, I ain’t doing it.

9: Black man is God Islam: Except that the Black man is not a god.

10 Kafir Islam: Don’t believe in angels, Day of Judgement etc.

11: Ala Carte Islam: Take only what I like, leave the rest.

12 No jamaa’at Islam: I go solo

13: Insta-shaykh Islam: I’m getting my own revelation

14: Seasonal Islam: I just pop in every now and then. Don’t count on me.

15 Baby daddy Islam: It’s complicated, he ain’t Muslim.

16 Baby momma Islam: Only pretending to be married.

17: Wizzard of Oz Islam: Only the shaykh knows.

18: Cultural Islam: Everything but Islam Islam.

19 Hollywood Islam: Islam for mass appeal, no truth, no falsehood.

20: Politically Correct Islam: Watch your mouth, the world has feelings

21: Feminism Islam: Blending Islam with modern day feminism. At all costs.

Imam Luqman Ahmad is an Imam and Resident Scholar at the Toledo Masjid al-Islam in Toledo Ohio. He can be reached at 

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