The Truth About Demons, by Shaykh Luqman Ahmad


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Allah, the Lord Most High does not attribute evil to Himself, and He also has the power to change evil to good, to rescue you from evil, and guard you against it, or simply dispense of it. Allah has power over all things, evil included.

There are du’aa of the Prophet that guard against evil. There are sunnan we can take to prevent evil from infiltrating our heart. There’s even verses of the Quran to exterminate evil, meddling jinns from our home.

Most of the time that good things turn bad whether it is in a marriage, relationships between people, a community of Muslims who are now splintered, or a business relationship gon bad, is because evil is afoot.

A common, extremely effective tactical asualt plan used by demons against people, is separating that which is connected. Demons do not have the ability to seperate people from that which is good, but they do have the ability call you seperate and encourage you to. Seperating that which Allah commands be connected is at the bottom of many family and social calamities people are subject to in this life.

Seperation from the community, seperation from the Quran, seperation from your parents, deperation between Muslims, seperation in the salat line, and so on. You get the picture. Seperation from what’s Allah commands that you hold on to, is usually followed by some sort of corruption in the earth. Marital bonds for example.

Divorce constitutes the breaking of Allah’s contract after it has been consecrated. Divorce, followed by the spread of corruption as a result, will people the curse of the Lord. That’s why many people who initiate divorce, without good cause according to the Lord, often feel as if they are cursed.

In the demon world, an unseen world we cannot see, separating between husband and wife is considered a glorious achievement to them, earning the praise of Iblis himself, they even a crown, as a trophy to their success.

Breaking the bond between a husband and wife, which can lead to, and often does, fornicating, abandonment, mental anguish, spiritual ailment, generations of trauma and dysfunction.

A lot of Muslims never notice the presence of satanic influence in a marriage until after they are divorced. Some people bring demons or unsuspecting waswasa carriers into their marriage with them as friends.

Demons, even though they are of the world of the unseen, do not themselves know the unseen. Which is one reason why people should keep their business with their spouse private. A demon with ill intent can easily gain a tactical advantage over you and your spouse without you being aware of it. It happens all the time.

The most common delivery method of evil into a marriage is through khanaasian whipers, also called satanic whisper, both terms taken from the Quran. (وسواس الخناس). Waswasa khanaasiyya is more subtle. Another way of delivering satanic reason into your mix, is by wahy shaitaani (وحي شيطانية). which is usually characterized by argumentative concern or opposition. Some people call this the devils advocate, and still give the Devil’s advicate the same platform as the guidance of God.

To give the appearance of truth though, a demon will mix truth with falsehood, which is in essence becomes falsehood.

The Ettiqeuttes of Spritual Warfare is a course that will how Shaitaan misleass people, and how to wage a fordible defense againts him.

The class will be offered in three 90 minite segments, on Zoom every donor to this urgent appeal fundraiser, on Zoom, around May 1st 2023. Donors will receive an email confirming registration, and follow up notices of times and dates of the classes.
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