About Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

 Brief Biography of

Shaykh Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

  • American Born Imam Luqman Ahmad is a graduate of Omdurman Islamic University in the Sudan and has attended Umm al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia. He is the former Imam of Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Center in Sacramento Ca for 20 years, and is currently an Associate Imam and at the Toledo Masjid al-Islam. He is a writer, and has published over 200 articles on Islam in America, He is .a Muslim American Thinker, a strict adherent to tawheed {Islamic Monotheism,), but does not claim a specific Islamic creed except that he “believes as the Prophet believes.”. His stance perturbed some Imams with some of his positions on foreign fatwas (Islamic legal edicts), his views are highly regarded by many scholars of Islam.   He is the first to discover and document PCTSD (Post Conversion Traumatic Stress Disorder), a condition thataffects American Muslim coverts to Islam. He is a writer, a Muslim American Thinker, and the author of the book: “The Devil’s Deception of the Modern Day Salafi Sect”, about Muslim radicalization and theological extremism amongst indigenous American Muslims. He is also authored of the “Double Edged Slavery”, a from the ground up analysis of the condition of Black American Muslims, both available on Amazon.com Contact him at imamabulaith@yahoo.com. He blogs at http://www.imamluqman.wordpress.com.

Other Affiliations:

  • Current National Shura Member (MANA) Muslim Alliance of North America
  • Former executive committee member of the North American Imams Federation (NAIF)
  • Founding Member and former President of the Council of Sacramento Valley Islamic Organizations (COSVIO)
  • Former Member of the Mayor’s Council of faith Based Organizations (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Member of the Sacramento Interfaith Coalition
  • Former Advisory Board Member, Interfaith Chaplaincy services, Sutter Hospital, Sacramento Shura Member, Muslim Alliance of North America
  • (Former) Executive Commttee Member, North American Imams Federation

Books written by Imam Luqman Ahmad

  • The Devil’s Deception of the Modern Day Salafi sect, 2014 Lotus Tree Press
  • Double Edged Slavery, How African American Muslims have been Colonized
  • Seventy-Seven Branches of Faith (scheduled for Spring 2017)

Books and articles where Imam Luqman Ahmad is published, cited or quoted:

  • Freedom of Speech and Islam, By Erich Kolig (Book).
  • God & Apple Pie: Religious Myths and Visions of America, By Dr. Christopher Buck (Book)
  • The American Thinker, (published article)
  • com [several articles]
  • The American Muslim (TAM) [several articles]
  • Fatwas and the Responsibility of Muslim Scholars[2]
  • Oppressed People’s Online Word[3]
  • Religious Myths and Visions of America: by Dr. Christopher Buck, (book)
  • The Saudi Gazette, Article about the Prophet (SAWS).
  • The Arab American Dialogue, (article)[4]
  • Jum’ah Magazine (article)
  • Huda Magazine
  • The Q News

Past and Current Radio Programs that Imam Luqman Ahmad Has Appeared on

  • Islam Today, 900 WURD AM Philadelphia
  • Greed For Ilm (internet Radio)
  • Going Global with David Delgado
  • WHAT Radio 1340 AM Philadelphia
  • The Muslim Review with host Imam Luqman Ahmad

Academic Studies where Imam Luqman Ahmad is quoted

  • The Centre for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence, September, 2010[5]
  • The Clute Institute, Journal of Diversity Management

Teaching seminars and conferences given or sponsored by Imam Luqman Ahmad

  • 2007 Spiritual Etiquette a 10-week course in Muslim Spirituality
  • First California conference of Race Relations in Muslim America held at Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Center (2009)
  • Various islamic Weekend Spiritual Retreats

[1] http://www.investigativeproject.org/3993/boston-bomber-exposes-islamist-secret#

[2] https://muslimvillage.com/2013/11/17/46301/the-responsibility-of-muslim-scholarship-in-america/

[3] http://oppressedpeoplesonlineword.ning.com/profiles/blog/list?month=09&year=2012

[4] http://www.alhewar.net/Magazine-Net/COVERWinterEnglish2008.htm

[5] http://icsr.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/1283965345ICSR_ChallengingtheInfluenceofAnwarAlAwlaki.pdf

Additional History

  • His father, Shaykh Abdul-Karim Muhammad Ahmad, versed him in areas of tawheed, aqeedah, adab, fiqh, and seera,
  • His mother Umm Rabee’ah (May Allah protect and hold close her soul) a wife, activist, mother of seven, was one of the Ummuhaat ul-.Muslimeen of Phiadelphia  She reserved herself mostly to her home, where she taught adab, aqeedah, and fiqh, as she grappled with ways to maintain Islamic tradition in her children in a society that at the time, was unfamiliar with Islam and Muslims.
  • Shaykh Abu Laith Luqman learned the discipline of patience and perseverance from his mother who often had to endure jeers and stares from strangers on the street because of her adherence to Islamic clothing style. As an adolescent, young Luqman attended lectures at the feet of Colonel Amirudeen of Canada, where he would sometimes sit for hours at a time without a break. The Shaykh had such an impact on young Luqman that he would return to his Philadelphia neighborhood and preach the sheikh’s words to neighborhood kids (many who are now Muslims) on the street corners and basketball courts of inner-city Philadelphia.
  •  Accompanied by his father, Sheikh Luqman attended many lessons of the legendary African scholar, Sheikh Dawood Ahmad Faisal, of the famous State Street Mosque in Brooklyn, a major center of traditional learning in the United States. Sheikh Luqman also took instruction from the well known Egyptian Sheikh Suleiman Dunyaa.
  • During this time, the Imam continued to receive knowledge from his father, who introduced him to Ihyaa uloom al-deen by al-Ghazaali, at the age of 15. This contributed to Sheikh Luqman’s distinctive spiritual personality, which endears him to his student
  • Shaykh Luqman graduated from the langaage and usool ud-deen program at Omdurman Islamic University in Sudan and recieved his ijaazah in Hafs Quran recitation from the Quranic village of Wad al-Faadni in the Jazeerah Province of Sudan
  • Skaykh Luqman also studied at Umm Al-Quraa University in Saudi Arabia and at the Haram al-Mekki. While in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in addition to the teachers at Um al-Qura, the Imam studied with Sheikh Suleiman al-Hazmi, Sheikh Sayyid Sabiq who was his sheikh of tafseer al-Quran, and Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazaali.
  • Shaykh Luqman learned usool al-hadith from Sheikh Muhammad bin Humayad a classic era Az’harian trained in the Ottoman period.
  • Imam Luqman also took lessons from the late African American Shaykh; Muhammad Ghulaam Al-Haarith,  one of the first indigenous American Muslims to attend Azhar University, Shaykh Muhammad was a guest in the home of Imam Luqman during the mid-eighties where Imam Luqman transformed his living room into a Madrasatul Ilm (School of Traditional Knowledge)

Other Shuyookh of Imam Abu Laith

Sheikh Abdul-Karim MuhammadAhmad , Tajweed, Fiqh, Aqeeda, Hadeeth
Umm Luqman – Aqeedah, Fiqh, Adab, Seerah
Sheikha Fareedah Umm Hannaan,-Aqeedah, Fiqh al-Mu’aamalaat
Sheikha Aminah Abdullah-Aqeedah, Seerah and
Sheikh Ameer Saab-Aqeedah, Usool al-Eemaan
Sheikh Sulaimaan Abdul-Haadee-Language, Modern Urban logic and Expression,
Sheikh Muhammad As’lam-Fiqh
Sheikh Abdullah bin Baaz-Aqeedah
Sheikh Muhammad Ghulaam al-Haarith-arabic Language, Seerah, usool al-Fiqh
Sheikh Zainul Aabideen al-Costi- Fiqh, Usool al-Fiqh, Usool al-Hadith, Qiraa’tul Hafs
Sheikh Daf’ Allah Hajj Yusuf-Arabic Grammar, al-matan al-Ajroomiyyah
Sheikh Muhammad Hadeeya al-Umdurmaani-Fiqh, Tafseer, Usool al-hadith, Aqeedah
Sheikh Muhammad Taqlaawi- Aqeeah,
Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Humayd, Hadith
Sheikh Sayyid Saabiq- Tafseer, Fiqh
Sheikh Ridda Mu’tee-Aqeedah
Sheikh Sulaimaan al-Hazmi- Hadeeth
Sheikh Muhammad Mutaphah Bilaal-Hadeeth, Sahih Muslim
Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Fad’Allah-Usool al-Fiqh,
Sheikh Abdullah Ali al-Mekki, Aqeedah

As well as others not mentioned here, may Allah elevate them

18 responses to “About Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad”


    I have heard at least 3 of your excellent lectures. Fire insurance comes to mind right away.

    Please consider me as a presenter of Qur’aanic Arabic in your town and assist me in spreading Arabic Fushaa instruction via my publication Lughatut-tanzeele

    We have of 20 years of experience.

    I know you are knowlwedge of the language. There is a proverb that says in every head there is some wisdom. i suspect it is in Arabic: Ffee kulle ra’sin ba’dal-hikmate


  2. […] Luqman Ahmad is the imam and director of the Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Center in Sacramento, CA. His biography reveals him to be an authentically American Imam, who has benefited from scholarship in the Islamic […]


  3. AsSalaamu Alaikum…
    Shukran Imam for this intellectually refreshing article. I probably need to read it again; however, let me say that as an African American revert for more than 30 years I’ve witnessed a lot of different Islamic communities. We do have a big struggle on our hands. Allaah (swt) is blessing many of us to maintain the course. But I do believe that we do need to become more united. One way we can do this is through sincerely asking ourselves if we are in this deen purely for the pleasure of Allaah. And if so, then we must act accordingly. Sometimes we erroneously and arrogantly think we ‘got it going on’ when we are sorely mistaken. As indigenous African American Muslim communities we need to spend more time reading Quran and hadith, keeping up with our required salat, learning the deen in general and developing taqwa and tawakkul among other things. If we are not honest with our ownselves, it does not matter how long we’ve been in the deen or how successful we may be regarding dunya. Because if we ignore or close our eyes to our predicament, the stagnation will completely erode us as a unique group of people. May Allaah (swt) bless us to move forward by working together in humility, sincerity, and peace for His sake, aameen.


  4. AsSalaamu Alaikum… did I write my response in the wrong place, because my response was a comment regarding The Decline of American Muslim Indigenous Communities, not About Imam Abu Laith Luqman.


  5. Yahya ibn Yahya Avatar
    Yahya ibn Yahya



  6. May Allah continue to allow you to educate the muslim community. Not only in Sacremento, Calif. but to Philadelphia, Pa. I have learned a great deal from your lectures and blogs. Keep up the great work you do. And may Allah continue to shower you with mercy. ameen


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  8. Thank you for inspiring me. As a non-muslim from Holland I find it a very comforting and pleasing thought that I am able to gain knowledge about a religion so diverse and interesting as the Islam just by sitting behind my desk. Greetings.


  9. Assalamu alaikum. http://www.troid.ca/index.php/authors?device=xhtml a list of the sheikhs, the GREAT Scholars of the Salaf, and other Major scholars of the salaf. May Allah guide you and rectify your affairs.Sheikh Al albanee, ibn Tamaiyyahh, Sheikh Uthaymeen…Sheikh Saalih fawzan, sheikh ibn baaz. Where are your mention of the revivors of the sunnah, and the noble sheikhs of the salif. We do not acknowledge kaffir holidays, memorial day! AgstugherAllah. Alhamdullilah, may Allah guide you to salafiyyah and protect you from bid’ah..


    1. Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh, Since there is no mention of salafiyyah in the Kitaab, nor in the sunna, nor is there any record that our Prophet (SAWS) called us to any invention known as salafiyyah, I must humbly decline your invitation and state categorically that I do not wish to be guided to salafiyyah. I am a Muslim and I practice Islam, and that is sufficient for me at this time. Jazaaka Allahu khairan

      Liked by 1 person

      1. who are this brain washed ,nejdis-wahabis ,enemys of islam and muslims and helpers of kufars plots against islam ?


  10. As-salam Alay Kaum Imam,

    I recently purchased your book, “The Devil’s Deception of the Modern Day Salafi Sect” and so far I’ve read a quarter of the book. What is somewhat confusing to me is that you have a book on the detriments of Salafism but then you have statements from Ibn Taymiyyah in your book. As we know Ibn Taymiyyah had major influences on Salafism and Wahhabism. Can you please explain this.

    Jazak Allah Kahirun

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullai wa barakaatuh. Because Imam Taymiyyah was one of the greatest scholars of Islam. Modern-day salamis are very selective picking from Ibn Taymiyyah’s words what they believe support some of their weak arguments while leaving other words from ibn Taymiyyah’s voluminous works. A muslims follows the evidence, not the person. Thanks for buying the book. In sha Allah you found benefit in it. Allah yubaarik feekum.

      Imam Luqman


    FOR ME
    I Wont
    To be your student


    1. Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah. May Allah increase you in knowledge and make you firm. Ma Sha Allah. Friend me on Face Book under [Luqman Ahmad]. I do a lot of teaching on there.


  12. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsAs salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Imam Luqman, I went to on kindle to try to order the book “Double Edge Slavery”. But I was wondering if there is a way that I can receive it by way of ebook? I’m not residing in America at the moment. This is the reason why I want to receive an ebook of it. Jazakumullahu Khairan


  13. […] ‘Sharing Ramadan’ Campaign: Well intended? Maybe. Bad Idea? Definately! Reprinted from The Lotus Tree Blog of Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmed Please visit Imam Luqman’s blog for more interesting articles about […]


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