I think what we are missing about marriage is that society has changed, but our scriptures have not. Some Muslims still want to approach marriage from an Islamic perspective, and there is great resistance from many Muslims to that. The Prophet’s idea of marriage and male female relationships, and our scriptural prescriptions for marriage is appalling to many modern day American converts. A woman obeying her husband is like kufr to many Black Muslim women, and men.

So there is a conflict in the Black Muslim community over what is marriage, the boundaries of marriage, what is a good husband, a good wife, handling
conflict, divorce, polygany, order in the home, and so on.

We all over the place, and we don’t study or pay attention to our condition, or even look at the effects of social media, feminism, homosexuality, and marginalization, on Muslim marriages. Then there is hardly any type of religious governance in the Black Muslim community. So of course its chaotic.

Then on top of that, no one is monitoring the messaging pumped into the Black community, and its effect on our youth, and their ideas about marriages, about fidelity, about honor, about a woman’s worth and honor according to scripture

Then you had the feminist ideological attack on us, that changed attitudes about scripture and about God himself that ran right through the Black Muslim community with little or no challenge or oppossition, and we, men and women and our children are still paying for that and will be paying for it for a long time to come. Even at this moment, we can’t even say who is in charge of anything in the Black Muslim community, especially amongst the nomad sunni, cut and paste types. We have virtually do defence, no advocacy, no standards or sense of normalacy, process if governance, and we want to blame Imams but don’t believe in them having resources. And we wonder why young black men don’t want to get married? Are you kidding me?

Then you had the moratorium in the Black Muslim community on holding Muslim women accountable for anything, while crucifying black Muslim men, and many Imams went2 for it. We thought that would liberate them because somebody told us our women need to be liberated from their men, but that ended up messing many of them up. Many for life. All this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Black women, and men, are very sexually active. So a brother might marry a woman maybe took her shahaadah five years ago, she already slept with 50 men. Or maybe 50 men and 50 women. Or maybe she’s used to threesomes and get bored with the hubby. You don’t think that plays into the marriage?

Black men, we got our issues as well. So I’m not tryna jump on women (no pun intended) but we already spent the last 20 years or more attacking black men. He’s guilty when he’s born.

Like i said, no one is in charge, no one is telling our story or even monitoring the story as it unfolds. Damn, we can’t even think for ourselves. We are nearly under complete dajjaali control now but just don’t dig it.

Imam Luqman Ahmad


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