White Girl Buffy McPherson, The Racism In Muslim America Slayer

Pretty soon an ambitious, socially conscious, upper middle class, and very smart white girl with beautiful hazel eyes, named Buffy, who has a Jewish mother, and an Irish father, is going to graduate from a prestigious Ivy League University with a graduate degree in investigative journalism. She’s going to land a job at a top rate newspaper like The New York Times, Washington Post, or the Chicago Sun Times, and soon after, she’s going to get wind of racism in Muslim America. Buffy has social awareness in her family’s history so the topic of racism gets here attention, her grandparents marched with Dr. King. She’s going to ask for, and receive an assignment to look into racism in Muslim America. She’s going to trek out on assignment with a case of notepads, a camera crew, and a tape recorder and using her pretty eyes, her soft but firm voice and her white girl clout, she’s going to make her way into the heart of Muslim America. The heart of course, are the Convert community. She will meticulously start interviewing black American Muslims Imams and converts about racism, racial politics in Muslím America and the marginalization of Black and Convert Muslims. What she sees and hears is gonna to make her ponytail stains up, her and she’s gonna take up the cause while she starts thinking about becoming a Muslim.

She’s going to write a less than flattering series of articles talking about racism , marginalization and Muslim owned liquor stores across America. She may be labeled as an islamophoba (female islamophobe) but Black people and people in the hood are gonna say, “it’s about time”. White supremecists are gonna say, I knew it!!, Liberals are gonna say, “oh my God! We had no idea!! And Muslims are gonna have to pay double to get people to like us and say good things about us. Immigrant Muslim communities, in order to show good faith , are gonna have to include create racial awareness platforms in the Masajid, just like they do interfaith platforms. The problem is that although it’s easy to fake your way through interfaith exchanges, but it much harder to fake like you’re not a Muslim racist, if you really are. Interfaith is fluffy, fighting racism in Muslim America is hard-core Advocacy. We’ll take all the help we can get..

Buffy is out there, she’s coming. Get ready Muslim America. The plight of the marginalized Black American Muslims and indigenous converts is about to go prime time.

Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

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