I’m selling my car to visit my terminally ill brother


2003 BMW X-5, fair condition $2,100 OBO [Way less if you’ve been a subscriber on my blog]

Assalamu alaikum, I am do heartbroken, my younger brother Idris is terminal ill. He’s in a hospital in Philadelphia our home town. Unfortunately I have been homeless for almost a year and I happen to live in my car. Al-humdu Lillaah it provides some shelter. All of the articles and blog posts I’ve been writing during the past year have been written while I’ve been homeless living in this car.

I’m selling it, a 2003 BMW X-5 so I can go and be with him in sha Allah. It is in fair condition, it has 220,000 miles, it runs great, looks great but needs a little work (brakes, new windshield, flushing the A/C system, and there is a hose in the cooling system that needs replaced) to make it a great car! There is a lot of Baraka in that car. Even though I’ve been homeless, I still continued to help other homeless people using this car. Life in Sacramento. That’s where the car is. If you are interested, you can reach me at, 916-737-8797, or at lahmadski@gmail.com.

If you have no need for the car but have need for blessings, you can help me with travel and hotel costs through Cash App to $abulaith1

Please keep my brother in your prayers, and pray that Allah allows me to be at his side jazaaka Allahu khairan. Imam Luqman Ahmad

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