Three Things Assumed to be Moral, That Are in Fact, Immoral, by Imam Luqman Ahmad

Three things assumed to be moral but are immoral

1. Moral cat-scanning: Is when we were take a single episode or one or two paragraphs from Facebook and surmise from it, a persons moral worth. Without knowing the facts, the circumstance, the other side of the story, with a person. Then we all jump in like a mob, attacking not principles, but actual people, actual Muslim.

2. Moral Blackmail: Is used mostly for political and control purposes. They’ll say: If you don’t hate this person than you’re not a good Muslim, or if you don’t support this particular project thrn you are not a good Muslim, or if you have a legitimate question about something, keep it to yourself because you don’t want to upset the unity. (And it’s usually fake unity that they are talking about). It’s the “massa we sick” approach

3. Moral Inquisitions on Facebook: There are a lot of types of that we engage in all the time. We love Facebook inquisitions. One type is when we try, convict, and sentence specific individuals on Facebook, using no evidence, no Adab, no right to slander or demonize, I’m not even hear the other person side of the story. There is nothing at all Islamic about it. It is just one of our congregational pass times, something that we do and like. It’s part of spectator Islam. Some people actually think that they’re doing something important. Like Is the most some Internet version of jury duty.

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