Keebler Elves and American Muslim Addiction to Trumpism, by Imam Luqman Ahmad

As far as the Trump thing, like or dislike, There are at last 20 individual points of idiocy That I could bring up as far as the insidious American Muslim addiction to trumpism is concerned. However, I’m just going to focus on a couple right now..
Look, There are over 500,000 elected Officials, And about 80,000 Elective bodies in the United States of America which means that about one out of every thousand people in the United States of America is an elected official. From school board, city Council, state representative, Sheriff, city controller , tax collector, ghost buster,managing director, police chief, homeless czar, tax collector, and hundreds of more offices where people are elected to serve, given Defined tasks, areas of Decision making authority,, budgets, salaries, support staff, enforcement authority and held accountable to at least some degree. perform his duties that had a direct, or indirect influence on peoples lives, including the lives of Muslims.
These elected officials make decisions and perform actions, write policies, and enforce laws that directly or indirectly impact every single Muslim, and with some family in United States. There is no dispute whatsoever about this reality.
And we want to corral the entire American Muslim population into an emotional orbit where President Donald Trump is at the center? Are you freaking kidding me? If this is not mass insanity, then I don’t know what it is. Muslim American group scorn centered around one individual? President Donald Trump?. To the degree where we draw lines of association amongst ourselves based on an individuals following or expectorating Theamericanmuslim group thought pill? Somebody help me here! I don’t even know what you call this in behavioral psychology. And this is actually our reality as supposedly intelligent, Educated Muslims. Let me be clear. I will not take this pill, and I categorically regard it as poison.
My next questions are, do Keebler elves really make cookies inside of a hollow tree? Does the tooth fairy factor in inflation for what they pay for teeth? And , does anyone have the schedule for when the mother ship is scheduled to arrive?

Imam Luqman Ahmad

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