Protecting Our Women During Threatening Times, by Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

Violence against Muslim women is increasing. In the Black American Muslim communities across this nation, our women are increasingly single, unattached mothers of children, not part of communities and entirely on their own. They are subject to predators more than ever before. Some women place themselves in situations due to their lifestyles to be abused by men. Others, are harmed in their homes or while out and about minding their business.

Muslim women need not necessarily accept the guidance of men or their protection if they feel they’re better off without it. It is their choice. However, it’s the guidance of Allah that they, and men, need to follow. As for protection, men cannot be expected to protect women by standing guard for them while they go to the club, go out on dates, and live the lifestyle of jaahiliyyah. Muslim men are charged with protecting their wives, daughters, women of family and household, and Muslim women of their community within reason and according to Islamic law. As for a general standing order to hold men (specifically black men) accountable for protecting any and all black and Muslim women regardless of the circumstances? That’s utter nonsense.

Some Muslim women are quick to say that what they do, how they live and who they love and where they roam, is no one’s business, and unless it’s my wife or my daughters, I generally agree. We all make choices. And for women who date other women, cohabitate with women, prefer alternative sexual lifestyles, their women should protect them, or they should call 911 to summon the able men and women of law enforcement that are paid to and take risks to protect the public. 

We live in dangerous, threatening times, women are being snatched off the street, accosted, raped, kidnapped and murdered. I advise Muslim women to stay close to your families, to your communities, and to people who can come to your aid when needed. However, don’t go blaming random Black or Muslim men because you’re not safe.

As for our believing sisters of faith, who do their best to remain steadfast, stay as close as they can to the jamaa’at, and are allies with us in upholding the religion of Islam, we will defend and support them to the best of our ability, Allah be my Witness.

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