How Hard Core Feminism Oppresses Black Muslim Women. Imam Abu laith Luqman Ahmad


The core of modern-day hardcore feminism is not to be subordinate to men under any circumstances, father, husband, Imam, teacher, leader, or anything. Some Muslim women just can’t find a way to reconcile that notion with the notion of family, Prophethood, or the idea that obeying one’s husband is cited as a path to paradise and that disobeying one’s husband is considered a sin. Incidentally, not just Islam but according to all three major religions at their origin. It’s like trying to live with two competing ideas in your head. That’s gotta be tough. I’ve seen people nearly lose their minds trying to referee their own internal mind fight.

The pressure on Black Muslim women to give at least a nod and wink to feminism is intense. The idea of a woman obeying her husband simply irks feminists. Although it’s a noble characteristic in the sight of Allah, it’s reprehensible to some Muslim women, and is totally taboo to even mention for many Muslims. It’s like promoting blasphemy. So for some Muslims, in order try to make sense of and reconcile the feminism anti-male doctrine, while still being Muslim, they simply demonize men. Muslim men are bad, they are evil, abusive, toxic. Or that Muslim men are oppressive, and are controlling, therefor, obeying a man is bad. It’s twisted triangulated logic and just gets people stuck in bizzarro world of reasoning. Modern-day hardcore feminism has failed Black American Muslim women. It’s cause so many of them to oppress their own souls, and that is the worst type of oppression. Intellectual schizophrenia, Enough to make Shaitan/Satan laugh, and make the rest of us cry.

You can’t blame Muslim men for Allah making the man to be Imams, and husbands of the women. It is a solemn responsibility to be the head of a family, It’s no walk in the park. But it’s nothing that anyone should blame us for. We didn’t make those rules. Men had no part in the Quran being sent down from above seven heavens. Don’t blame us for Kitaabillaah. We’re subject and held accountable to it just like women are. And we didn’t pick a man as our Prophet (SAWS), that was Allah’s doing.

If Allah or His Prophet (SAWS) commanded me to obey my wife, and let her be my Imam or leader, I’d gladly comply. There are many women, much smarter than I am, and who make much more money than I do, and have much more taqwa than I do. Even have more sense than I do, and are way more organized than I will ever be.

I don’t worship men, or women; I worship Allah. But if my wife is smart, sensible, organized, fears Allah, and worships Him, best believe that I’ll be listening to her and checking with her often before I make major decisions for me or my family. Believe that. Even as an Imam, most of my advisors (almost all) have always been, and still are, women.

Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

Imam Luqman Ahmad is an associate Imam and Resident Scholar at the Toledo Masjid al-Islam in Toledo Ohio. He can be reached at 

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