Fatherhood by the Book. Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

There are very few pursuits that I enjoy as much as I do as being a father. I love the sound of my children’s voices when they say “Abu”, I love it when I put clothes on their back, when they eat my food, or when they ask me for advice. I love it when I tell them stories, when they send me a text message, or when they give me salaams, There’s nothing that compares to being a dad. I implore you brothers to embrace fatherhood . Relish in it, meet it head on, accept it, value it, immerse yourself in it, work it, grab it by the horns, greet it with enthusiasm, cherish it, be about it, face it, love it. handle it , smile at it, step up to the plate, seize it, and don’t turn away from it, or let it escape you; under any circumstances.

Fatherhood is not an academic exercise, it is not a spectator sport, it is not an issue that you debate back and forth about on the internet, it is not an issue where you need to get a whole lot of different opinions from all over the place. Real fathers first and foremost have to be on post. As long as they are posted up as fathers, they have the ability to adjust, maneuver and tailor make their approach at any given time. Fathers don’t need backset drivers who have no idea of what the road looks like. Moms can put in their two cents, and they have their mom role, but they cannot be fathers. Fatherhood is beautiful, it is fulfilling, and it can be trying at times. It can also get gritty and downright ugly. That’s when moms just need to close their eyes and not watch. The goal is to mold your son into a man. You only get one shot at it and its not a game, which is why if you are posted up being a father, you don’t have time to worry about what people say or think. Real fathers understand all I’ve just said. You can agree or disagree I couldn’t care less. I’ve been a father for close to forty years and I know what I’m talking about.

Fatherhood is not just about today; fatherhood is a lifestyle, a frame of mind, and an attitude that says that as long as you breathe, you will be about parenting your children, protecting them from harm, teaching them what is right, and correcting them when they are wrong. It says that you will be their provider, their teacher, their mentor, their parent, their protector, and occasionally, their friend. By Him in Whose hand is my soul, even if I am on my deathbed, I will not cease to be a parent to my children, or my stepchildren. Allah be my witness.

Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad


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