Have Black American Muslims Lost Their Way? Or Have They Simply Lost Their Will to Survive? Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

So you have Christians talking loud about fatherhood, traditional family, sense of purpose, order, direction in life.

While you got Muslims dismissing family, celebrating divorce, talking about the joy of being single and why we need to respect everybody’s views.

Church going Christians quote verses from the Bible upholding a wife’s obedience to her husband, and Muslim woman making obedience either conditional, or multiple choice.

Christians Churches talk about building confidence and self-sufficiency in broken men, while we talk about broke ass niggas and why Black American Muslim men are all potential abusers, swindlers and con artists.

Christians as a matter of normalcy celebrate their pastors who they go to for direction, sit by the thousands studying the Bible week in week out. While Black American Muslims by and large, ridicule brothers who actually study Quran, and there’s families studying Quran in the masjid are nowhere where to be found in Black Muslim America.

Christians tithe 10% of their earnings to the church, while Muslims want to see where their 25 dollars went. A brother who I have known for thirty years use to tell me for years how I’m so on point, but when I ask him, first time in thirty years to donate to my work, he said, he needed to know what I stand for first.

The same people who build Churches, run schools, set up drug rehabilitation centers and build housing for the elderly, come into Islam and get stuck on debating fake, fabricated fables about conditions that don’t even exist.

Black American Muslims are paralyzed. Many of our men are straight cowards. Many brothers are so afraid of people seeing them make mistakes that they’d rather sit and do nothing except bicker like women. All brother will sell wolf tickets online, that would get caught in his throat in person. Where I come from we got a word for that.

All it takes is a fatwa from a dead scholar who lived before this nation was even born, to shut down even the most promising plan or an idea. We never even consider that maybe if we come together and deliberate, think is free men, and consult our own scriptures, that maybe Allah will give us a plan. Instead we try to grab ideas and methods from history, as if we can slap it onto our reality and make it work. We have become a people who think that making a du’aa for someone, somehow is going to fund Islamic work. You can’t say that we don’t have any money because collectively we spend more on Netflix, Paramount Plus, Disney and Hulu than we give to support our own masaajid, schools and fledgling institutions.

Churches, even heathens, and atheists, feed, even advocate for the poor and the homeless, while we do group ridicule of brothers who can’t afford rent by themselves.

People all over this country who are total strangers, share houses so they can save money and survive, and we have brothers openly humiliating a brother who split bills with his own wife! Did I say his own wife? Sit on that for a sec.

We have lost all fight. Our men, have become the most emasculated men in America. Street gangs, motorcycle clubs, drug dealers, Rock and roll bands, and militias all have leaders and chains of command while we navigate our way through a dozen foreign spheres of foreign influence, and debate about sadl and qubt. Even establish alliances on whether you believe Allah exists without a place.

I’ve seen people literally go through 3 and 4 aqeedas, each one was the correct aqeeda until another aqeeda comes along. People will argue about a family accepting Christmas gifts from grandma, while embracing feminism ideology. Go figure that one out.

Veterans support veterans, gay s support gays, pedophiles support pedophiles, nurses support nurses, carpenters, electricians, dog catchers, and tradesmen form unions to support each other and negotiate benefits for their group.

Black American Muslims don’t have a single organization in America, that I know of that advocates specifically on their behalf. None. There is no place you can call and ask about the state of Black Muslim America, or get credible data on where we are headed.

There is no where that I know of in this country where Imams meet with each other in a serious setting, and discuss priorities in our religious communities. Imams, when they do come together, come together on a stage like they’re vaudeville act.

People criticize imams when they themselves have no imam, don’t support an Imam, maybe never even had a conversation with Imam. Because the only position that we can even to refer to accros the board in America is they imaamate, and we come nowhere near to adequately funding it.

Christians make sure their pastors are appreciated for their service. Some are given lavish retirement benefits. While an imam like me and many others, will work as an imam in public view of the community, and retire or is forced to retire, with no pension, no retirement, no good will watch, not even a mouse pad for my computer but plenty of du’aas alhumdu lillaah, and copious amounts of useless praise. Yippee…

People will say ma sha Allah, and blow all of these incredible ironies as normal. But it’s not normal beloveds. It’s not. This cannot be the farthest we can go as a civilization. But then again, this may be pinicle of our Islamic existence. Debating about dowries and percentages of effort a spouse is allowed to give may be as far as we can take this deen.

We try to legislate in areas that Allah Himself, has left up to our discretion. We try to hold people accountable for what we think they’ve imagined in their minds about Allah, when the Lord Himself, does not even hold him into account for his or her imagination. At the same time, we completely ignore virtually every aspect of islamic civilizational law that applies to us in Kitaabillah. (furrood al-kifaayaat) فروض الكفايات And then we brag about our so-called enlightenment. While we wither away into nothing, like the suds on an ocean wave when it comes to shore. This is not normal beloveds. Something is wrong. Something is incredibly wrong here. Well I’m not giving up, and neither should you. You can get mad, call me names, call me arrogant, bodacious, dismissive, weird, a trouble maker, talk about my personality, my grey hair, my lack of fitness, my political incorrectness, or the fact that I got ashy feet, or that I wear dentures. By Allah, Im just getting started. Wal Allahul Musta’aan.

Imam Abu Laith Luqman ibn Abi Idris Muhammad Ahmad.

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