There is nowhere I know where there has been good faith, intellectually honest, and dispassionate comparative analysis of modern western psychology in light of the Muslim belief system and Muslim Moral Psychology according to our sacred texts (Quran and Sunna). That is not too much to ask.

Mosque Without Borders

Such research has to exist, considering the number of Black American Muslims who possess advanced degrees in psychology, and who are licensed and certified as professional marriage and behavioral counselors. That is not too much to expect. Especially since we are Muslims.

So where is the data that traditional marriage counseling has kept Black Muslim couples in marriage more than Islamic based counseling of an Imam?  What is the name of the research organization that’s done this?

If there is relevant research and data in this vain, why hasn’t that information been made avaliable to the Muslims who engage in these stupid, imbecilic, fantasy laden arguments and discussions about marriage of Facebook and elsewhere on social media?

These are perfectly rational, and completely valid and responsible questions. Especially since we go to answer to the myriad of admitted emotional trauma, and psychological illness that supposedly exists in Black Muslim America, is to seek professional counseling.

So the question remains, where is the research? Where is the data? Where are the case studies? What are the conclusions? A community who is genuinely concerned about the decline in marriage and the deterioration og the psychological well-being of Black Americans Muslims, cannot afford not to know the answer to these questions. So where are the Black American Muslim psychologists? Why are they asleep on this?

That’s my point. Open for comments.

Imam Luqman Ahmad

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