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  • The Islamic Ruling on Baby Showers in the United States

    The reality is that there is no evidence in the Quran or the Sunna or in the words or actions of the Salaf of our umma which would conclusively or even remotely render baby showers haram or even makrooh. The practice of baby showers is that it contains many Sunna acts

  • Beard or no Beard; Is it Worth the Fight?

    Punishing people for not having beards is not a practice of the Prophet (SAWS) or any of the companions of knowledge. So if a brother wears a beard because he fears reprisal from other Muslims, is he then wearing the beard for Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala, or wearing it for the satisfaction of the Muslims who taunt him? If he wears it for the latter then this is shirk, and there is no reward associated with it. This is the idiocy of taking issues of fiqh and deen to extreme levels not practiced by the Prophet (SAWS).

  • Fatwas and the Responsibility of Muslim Scholars in America, by Shaykh Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

    The average Muslim, especially the convert, who simply wants to worship his or her Lord, and live an Islamic lifestyle, is often left in an almost perpetual state of confusion. Scholars, as they learn more about American society alternately prohibit things in one instance and then make them permissible according to their own evolutionary knowledge of our country, our culture and our way of life.

  • Dismantling the Culture of Muslim Sectarianism, by Shaykh Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

    The Prophet, peace be upon him, saw the self-destructive pattern inherent in sectarian proclivities and the potential damage that it posed to the Muslim peoples. This is why he opposed it from the very beginning.

  • The Pure Joy of Parenting Muslim Children

    I have to openly acknowledge the blessings of Allah upon our family, and pray for my son, his wife, my grandson and all of the Ahmad clan, and all of the believers that Allah guide us, keep, us, and make us amongst His grateful and thankful servants. Ameen, Ameen thumma Ameen

  • Seven out of every ten converts, leave Islam, by Imam Luqman Ahmad

    Most Muslim converts in America these days are a one shot deal. They convert to Islam but it doesn’t really spread to the next generation. The average convert today is simply subject to too many fluctuations, and quirky influences in his or her faith and ideology in the name of Islam to keep up.

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