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  • Muhammad Ismail Al-Bukhari, Preserver of sacred tradition,

    When we discuss a scholar of the highest caliber, such as Imam Al-Bukhari or the founders of the major schools of Fiqh, it is important to know what sort of person that scholar was. The first quality we note in Al-Bukhari was his great piety. He was a man who frequently spent hours in voluntary […]

  • Open letter to American Imams:  The Integrity of Our Friday Sermons is Not for Sale, or Loan to Anyone

    Open letter to American Imams: The Integrity of Our Friday Sermons is Not for Sale, or Loan to Anyone

    Our Lord demands, and our congregations have a right, that we are honest, forthright, sincere, free and unhindered in what we impart to them in the way of scriptural exhortations, religious instructions, and advisements. The faithful congregations that we serve in our nation’s mosques have placed in each of us their trust that we speak as free men.

  • Fatwas and the Responsibility of Muslim Scholars in America, by Shaykh Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

    Scholars of Islam are responsible for upholding the sacred trust that accompanies the acquisition of religious knowledge; which is to explain the religion clearly and concisely and not cover up any part of it.

  • African American Muslims; Making Hard Choices That Will Change Our Condition

    There is nothing we can do to change the past beloveds, but we have an opportunity before us for a better future. However, it requires that we submit wholeheartedly to the moral and liturgical principles of Islam. Changing the condition begins with the self. If there was ever a place to begin then I suggest that we begin with the salat. The family that prays together is way more likely to stay together than those who don’t; and that’s a choice. Brothers who attend the Masaajid for the salat tend to be more spiritually enlightened that those who don’t; that’s a choice. People who are married with problems, but choose to patiently endure, instead of opting out of the marriage simply because they are not happy that day, or that week, or that month, are much more stable in the long run than those who don’t; that’s a choice.

  • Qualities to Look For in a Muslim Husband by Shaykh Luqman Ahmad

    If a woman seeks a husband who does not have the qualities of a good man, then she will get a joker. The first thing to check about a potential spouse is his salat, and if you check his, make sure that you check yours too.